Amit Chaturvedi Foundation (ACF) was established for philanthropy in memory of Amit Chaturvedi, an achiever who died young. Amit Chaturvedi Foundation has launched this website www.mathurchaturvedi.com and will maintain it to achieve its objectives.

We have in mind the small Brahmin community who call themselves Mathur Chaturvedi. This Brahmin community of seven Gotras and about sixty four Allas claims its origin from Mathura. They are now scattered country-wide and world-wide.

We hope website will help to establish a link between Mathur Chaturvedis and will present a platform where they can express them-selves and read the views of others on matters of interest to the community.

The website will make available print and audio visual material on different features of those traditions and customs that are distinctive to Mathur Chaturvedi community. We will also try to persuade scholars, who have written on any feature of this community, to allow us carry their Papers on this website. It will allow all researchers ready access to Papers at one place.

We will progressively attempt to be socially helpful in the interest of Chaturvedis and any suggestions in this regard will be welcome.

Please express yourself in Hindi or English whichever way you feel comfortable.